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Is CBD Oil for Cats Effective in Reducing Anxiety?

For years, cats have been treated with medical marijuana oil. Over the years there have been concerns about the long term use of this drug for cats. Today we are going to take a quick look at CBD Oil Dosage for Cats. Here's a look at why this substance is used for treating cats in the first place.

First, what is CBD? Cannabidiol is basically a distilled liquid that's extracted from potable cannabis plants. It is basically a form of CBD concentrate with two basic variations: low-THC and low CBD. As you may guess, each variation has a different variety of important chemical, called a Cannabinoid. This chemical has been found to help ease some of the symptoms of various ailments in cats, including anxiety.

So, what is CBD oil for cats? To be more specific, CBD hemp oil is the most pure form of CBD that can be administered to a cat. While CBD in its most natural form is found in certain strains of marijuana, it can't be purchased over the counter due to its complex nature. Therefore, many vets don't recommend treating your pets with this sort of remedy. However, CBD hemp oil can be purchased through online retailers, and the benefits it can bring to your cat are undeniable. Learn more about using CBD oil on cats from this page.

It's important to understand how CBD works. Before any discussion about CBD oil for cats can begin, it's important to know that CBD is a psychoactive substance. Basically, it has similar effects on humans as it does on animals. When CBD is absorbed into the body, it releases two major side effects: a reduction in appetite and a decrease in how much a person will feel like taking a drug. However, unlike opiates and amphetamines, which can cause euphoria, CBD is rather sedative, making it ideal for cat owners.

Since CBD is a psychoactive substance, it's important for pet owners to keep dosage in mind. Generally, pets need a minimum dose of CBD oil safe for consumption twice a day, and owners should never administer large doses. If you're concerned about dosage, it's best to consult your veterinarian. However, for safety's sake, it's recommended that the smallest dosage is used.

As far as how CBD helps ease anxiety in cats, the answer is it seems to at least reduce anxiety in cats by 50%! Obviously, this is very much a case of first trying something before you find success, so be patient. Also, remember that CBD is not a cure-all, so do consult a veterinarian if your cat continues to suffer from persistent behavioral issues or severe anxiety. Like any supplement or medication, there may be a point when your cat stops responding positively. Visit this site for more info about cannabis.

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